Petra, Slovenia

I found the session to be very respectful because there was just enough intimacy that made me feel like a woman and, on the other hand, there was just enough distance between us to show a professional attitude.

Kristina, Slovenia

I don’t like to spout, so I’ll just put it in my own words: I felt like a goddess in your hands after a looong time... When I remember now how you were touching me and how you held me close in your arms, tears still come to my eyes... A priceless experience...

Maja K., Slovenia

Before I came to Aleksander for a massage I tried to learn about tantric massage as much as possible. The theory of it was more or less clear to me; still, I did not know where this was going to take me. In any case, I experienced more than I expected.
I cannot say I felt fear, however, I was tense and most of all curious about what was to come. The first contact and conversation already broke the ice. I relaxed almost immediately and the first words of our conversation gave me enough courage to shed the last remnants of my restraints.
A comfortable ambience, suitable music, a warm touch, and Aleksander’s voice that held me in that room, all of that was enough for me to open myself up and accept what was offered. Such a session, naturally, requires intimacy. I think what made our meeting so magical was the balance between the subtle force that was carrying me away and Aleksander’s voice that was bringing me back to this world. On the one hand, my feelings were familiar but on the other hand, they were completely new, revealing themselves in new colours. I explored my sensuality gradually, layer by layer, until I crushed the blockage, and the joy through tears became cathartic. I felt what every woman should experience: that she has full support to be what she is. That she is accepted, loved, and full of love. For when you truly let go you can receive all of this in the rawest and most delicate form.
I contemplated the whole experience for days. I was surprised at how much peace it brought me and at the same time how much more it opened my senses although I was already very susceptible. I have gradually been noticing that, slowly but surely, my self-esteem is growing. After all, it was only a week or so after this experience that I had to undergo a trial that would have resulted in failure just a few months ago but now I dealt with it surprisingly well and the relief also brought laughter which has never before been so carefree. I am still making the rest of the steps on the path to my goal, slowly but surely, but I feel that now they will be easier. Aleksander, thank you for this gift!