Tantric massage lifts energy from the genitals to the heart. According to general conviction, we need to make an effort or even suffer to achieve progress. Tantric massage enables growth through pleasure and can help us transform traumas and blockages into power and consciousness; we become happier and can give more to others.

The mind has a huge influence on our life and health. Our way of thinking and our prevailing thoughts determine our life. If the mind is clear, compassionate, open and connected with the universe, our life flows smoothly and we feel as if we were born under a lucky star. However, if our mind is not in good shape, if it lacks focus, flexibility and clarity, we see the world as distorted, we feel that we are victims and therefore our mind imprisons our body with its beliefs, which then in turn starts showing signs of disease.

Tantric massage helps us discover the potential of sexual energy which has the power to refresh the mind, to calm it down, make it clear and loving, consequently invoking beneficial effects in our general wellbeing.


Tantric massage is technically similar to Ayurvedic massage, the difference between them being that the former uses the strongest of all energies, the sexual energy as its foundation, which does not mean sexual intercourse. A therapist’s sexual energy is expressed as a sensual, clear and conscious admiration of the client, not only of her body, but the person as a whole, her physical, emotional and mental body. The therapist sees, feels and shows the client a deeper, more authentic and real person who is hiding behind her personality masks, her wounds and defence mechanisms. In this way, the client sees herself in a more realistic, holistic form and not only through her faults and issues... She sees and feels that she is a divine spark, a divinity in the flesh who expresses herself in her own unique way. Healing with tantric massage is so effective because it uses the strongest energy in the universe – sexual energy, the only energy that is capable of creating new life, which is why it is also able to heal, raise consciousness, create a different way of living, new relationships, new projects and so on.
A tantric massage session costs 200 EUR and is performed in the centre of Ljubljana and takes approximately 90 minutes; however, it is recommended for the client to reserve 2 hours of her time in case the session takes longer because the therapist does not consider only the time spent in the session but also the time the client needs for the whole session to come to an energetic and harmonic close. Our experience shows that 3 to 5 sessions with 7 - 14-day pauses between sessions achieve the best effect. A package of 3 sessions costs 550 € (50 € less than 3 separate sessions) and if you purchase a package of 5 sessions, the price is 900 € (100 € less than 5 separate sessions).
It is true that we live in a society that looks upon sexual energy and intimate relationships in a fairly limited way and with fear. We need to know that sexual energy is the strongest energy in the universe and that there is nothing dirty about it if we have a respectful and loving relationship. However, it is true in our society that we often associate the sexual act with something that is dirty, forbidden, a taboo. This is the consequence of our ignorance of how to handle the sexual act, of having a deep yearning inside us to show love also through the sexual act. But, we have been disappointed too many times and it is hard for us to find an appropriate, clean, clear, conscious and loving way to do it, because we do not usually learn this from our family or in school. We also need to know that tantric massage is not about sexual intercourse because boundaries are clearly set and both the therapist and the client respect them.
As a Tantric Massage Therapist and as a Tantric Massage teacher at workshops I follow the rules below, which I consider my own code of ethics since I was unable to find any official codes for the industry:
  • The relationship is a client - therapist relationship. The therapist has been entrusted with a position of power and bears responsibility for this position. The client has assumed a position of vulnerability based on trust;
  • Since it is a client - therapist relationship, the purpose of the session is the client’s wellbeing, safety and growth, not the satisfaction of the therapist’s needs, who must utilise other relationships to satisfy his/her needs. The only needs the therapist is able to satisfy in this relationship are the need for creating a safe space and the need for supporting another person.
  • In a tantric massage session, the relationship between the client and the therapist is very intimate. For this reason, the therapist must place a lot of emphasis on maintaining the boundaries listed below and as such, justify the trust already placed in him/her by the client attending the session.
  • Clear boundaries:
  1. Even though the client may experience very pleasant and sexual sensations during the session, sexual intercourse is not part of the session and the therapist is responsible for respecting this boundary;
  2. Even though the therapist usually knows how the client feels, it may happen that during certain kind of stimulation the client has mixed sensations — some pleasant, some not. In this case the client is responsible for deciding whether he/she feels safe enough to continue. For this reason, the therapist must inform the client prior to the massage that he/she needs to let the therapist know immediately if he/she does not feel safe, because these matters are delicate and wounds can worsen, not heal, if something is done by force and the boundaries of safety are crossed.
  3. Since the client and the therapist have agreed beforehand that sexual intercourse is not part of the session the therapist must maintain this agreement even if the client expresses desire for sexual intercourse.
The purpose of a tantric massage session is to discover new layers of yourself, to heal possible blockages and imbalances and to achieve new consciousness about yourself and your surroundings. The purpose of a session is to make you happier, stronger and more compassionate. Furthermore, the purpose of tantric massage is for the client to remember what it feels like to be content, to feel beautiful, to feel good about herself; simply, to be happy. This way the client will be able to go “back home” more easily, go back to this state of contentment, clarity, openness, welfare, creative ideas and the readiness to help others. I say go “back home” because this is our natural or “home” state, everything else is just junk that was useful to us for a while but now it is time to give thanks and leave it for Mother Earth to recycle it back into something useful again.
You do not need to bring along anything for the session and do not need any special preparation. There is a shower in the salon so that the client can take a shower if she wishes. However, it helps if the client has an open approach that helps her experience herself during the session in a deeper and more holistic way and with more pleasure.
Pleasure is usually an integral part of a tantric massage session, but at the same time is has a deeper effect on all levels of the body (physical, emotional and mental).
One of the purposes of the session is to remove sexual blockages, so a tantric massage session is one of the most efficient methods for removing sexual blockages.
A tantric massage session has an effect on the whole body, not only the physical part but also on the emotional and mental part (mind). The usual effect of a session is greater mental clarity and simplicity inside the mind.
A session can have various effects. Some women feel excellent after the session (very light, reborn, connected with themselves, they feel simplicity and power at the same time, gentleness and sensuality...), for other clients, however, the session represents an excellent opportunity to transform old feelings, patterns, memories and energies. They may start to have uncomfortable feelings during or after the session, which the body with it’s own intelligence starts to transform from weakness into strength. The client’s reaction to the healing process is important. In such moments, it is recommended that the client is gentle and compassionate to herself but also clear and decisive to allow these old things to be transformed and to allow her to start living a lighter, happier, fuller and more successful life. The therapist can provide the client with more concrete guidelines depending on a given situation.
It is recommended for a client to have 3 to 5 massages with a 1-or-2-week pause in-between the sessions. While a single session can bring great results, usually the first session barely opens the door into a new world. On the other hand, it is recommended that the sessions don’t go on and on and the cycle should end after 5 to 10 sessions, or that there should at least be a long pause (a minimum of 3 months) and after that, when the experience has been integrated in the client and things have fallen into their place, she might start thinking about visiting again.
A tantric massage session begins with a conversation, continues with the massage and ends with another conversation if needed. During the massage, the therapist presses on individual energy points (marma points) in order to stimulate the flow of energy. Pressure on these points can be comfortable and cause pleasure, but it can also cause pain. A certain amount of pain is acceptable; however, when it breaches a certain point, it is no longer effective. How does the client know where this pain limit is and when to let the therapist know that the pain is too strong? When the pain causes her to stop being relaxed and she starts to cramp up, the pain is too strong and it is best for her to ask the therapist to reduce the pressure. If she feels uncomfortable during the massage, the client can let the therapist know at any time and he will adjust the technique or stop the massage if the client wishes so.
Therapist Aleksander Lah performs tantric massage only for women.
Because tantric massage is sensual and clients experience comfortable and deep feelings, it can happen that the client develops certain feelings for the therapist. That is why the client should be aware that these feelings and the pleasure that she felt are the consequences of discovering new, incredible and sensuous worlds within her. Although the therapist supported her in the search for these hidden worlds within her, the client must not forget that the source of her pleasure, happiness and power is in herself and not in the therapist. It is recommended that the client learns how to access them on her own or with her partner while the therapist only shows her the way.
It is common and understandable that the client is not relaxed before the session; however, with time, most clients relax and start to feel trust, security and pleasant feelings. In case the client is unable to relax and is not comfortable with certain massage techniques, she can always tell the therapist and he will adapt to her or if there is no other way around it even stop the massage.
Tantric massage can have beneficial effects on the entire body even during pregnancy. However it is recommended to check what effect would it have on the relationship with the partner.

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You can sign up for a tantric massage session in Ljubljana via email aleksander@heartconnection.si (for women only).