Tantric massage for men is similar to tantric massage for women (you can read more about the massage in the FAQ ) the main difference being that the last part of the session is focused on the massage of the lingam (lingam is the tantric name for penis). During the massage, the masseuse does not focus exclusively on the lingam, but also massages the area around the lingam to activate the sexual energy that the massage distributes throughout the whole body.

Tantric massage for men does not result in ejaculation because the massage is therapeutic in its nature and not erotic. With every ejaculation, man loses his vital energy, which results in fatigue, listlessness, lack of passion and lack of attractiveness between him and his partner.

Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate processes. The man can learn to control and withhold his ejaculation and experience only the orgasm without the ejaculation. Instead of a quick release through ejaculation, the man can, in time, start experiencing long-lasting orgasms through the whole body and even consecutive orgasms in a single sexual act.

Tantric massage helps the man establish a deeper connection with his essence and lets him understand and control his sexual energy which enables him to become more focused and collected, self-conscious and compassionate, his thoughts become clearer and he has a stronger will and more energy.

For tantric massage for men please contact ursha@heartconnection.si