What are the advantages of the Running with Gnomes workout?

We live in times where we mostly use our brain muscles while our physical muscles get much less of a workout. We all know what kind of problems we get if you work too much with your head (your mind): cold feet, hot head, confusion, burnout, depression, lack of purpose, no clear direction in life, no feeling of yourself, your body, your innate comfort, delight, and pleasure. Consequently, we search for pleasure outside ourselves, because we cannot feel them inside ourselves anymore; we live inside our heads. On the outside we seek pleasure in food, sex, in the attention of others, shopping… And yet we cannot find peace and satisfaction.
In order to balance our lifestyle, we need to use our bodies more, move more, we need to dance life, feel our bodies, its indulgences and joys… And then everything will be balanced:

  • love-making becomes deeper, more pleasant and healing;
  • the head cools off and thoughts become clear, which means we can do more with less effort;
  • we gain a healthy appetite which leads us to food that is truly good for us;
  • our life becomes more stable and less stressful because we live with our whole body and every problem that comes along distributes itself throughout our body and is resolved with our whole body and not only with our head;
  • we start to feel what we really want and become truly happy;
  • we become aware of our vocation, our calling and start doing things that we truly enjoy. We no longer work purely for money and survival; we work because this brings us joy, it is creative, for the purpose of creation…

Running and Meditation for Beginners in the Embrace of the Forest

In Ljubljana, by the Koseze pond and its surrounding forests a regular workout is available, composed of stretching exercises (elements of tai-chi, chi-gong, and yoga), a gentle jog (or a brisk walk if you are not in shape for running yet), and a short meditation in the forest.
We have selected the most beautiful natural surroundings. The surroundings of the Koseze pond are enchanting with the swans, ducks and turtles, and the constant chirping of the birds… The woods around the pond are intertwined with paths meandering among the trees, where we will be observed by squirrels, does, hares, mice, and trilling birds.

What is Running with Gnomes like?

Imagine the feeling when you push your life force through your body with warm-up exercises, when your whole body starts waking up and you find immense pleasure in reconnecting yourself with every cell in your body.

After a gentle jog (or walk) we stop in the middle of the forest and immerse ourselves into the meditative connectedness with our heart. At that point you start feeling how warmth, which you accumulated while running, starts melting inside you, how it washes over every part of your body, and brings you peace, security, clear thoughts, satisfaction, and you feel comfortable in your own skin…

After meditation, you become aware that you are a being made of light and you walk into a new day with ease.

In short, here is a rundown of a one-hour workout:

  • 20 minutes of gentle warming up, stretching, feeling your body and energy;
  • 10 minutes of running or 15 minutes of walking from the meeting point to the meditation spot in the forest;
  • 10 minutes of guided meditation in the embrace of trees;
  • 10 minutes of running back from the forest to the starting point;
  • 10 minutes of final stretching, chatting, socialising…

For whom is this workout appropriate?

For everybody, old and young, for people in good shape and for people who can manage only a brisk walk. We can optionally form two groups; a fast, running group and an even-tempered group, moving with a determined and brisk walk.
The important thing is that you want to be in contact with nature; the external nature (forest) and the nature inside you (body and spirit).
Marushka the dog will be with us as well. You can also bring your dog with you; however, we expect you to clean up your dog’s excrement and to make sure that your dog will behave appropriately toward other dogs and people.

Where and when?

Koseze pond, every Tuesday
Meeting point: Wooden construction at the Koseze pond, Ljubljana-Koseze 
Every Tuesday around sunset; at 4 p.m. in winter and at 7 p.m. in summer. Check for the exact time of every workout beforehand.

What do I need to bring?

Wear your jogging clothing. We recommend something to sit on in the forest (meditation), e.g. a bag or a small towel.


5 EUR per workout.

Lead by: Aleksander Lah

NEW: option of childcare during workouts

Childcare is now available during the workout at the playground by the pond if you cannot find a babysitter. Contribution for childcare is 5 € per child.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is compulsory and may be sent to  at least one day before the workout. At least 3 persons need to sign up for the workout to take place.