Tantric Touch

 3 Day Retreat

24th – 26th June 2022 in Pohorje, Slovenia

How others experienced the workshop

In the workshop, I obtained a lot of new awareness about my body and my partner’s body. Exploring sexuality and life force became even more interesting. The most important realisation for me was that I could free myself from all of the consequences of different kinds of abuse. After the workshop, I was incredibly relaxed and thankful, in spite of the traumas from my past. Whereas the vulnerability I had been trying to get rid of for a long time started to acquire a completely different dimension. It transformed itself into power.

Ema Bavcon

This workshop is a real treasure for all that want to deepen and refresh  their sexuality and by this raise the quality of their relationship and life.


Who is the workshop for?

For everyone who wishes to improve their health and sexual intercourse, which is superbly supported by tantric massage. It is meant for men and women, young people and the more experienced. You can come to the workshop by yourself or in pairs. The workshop includes nudity, which is why we spend plenty of time creating a safe space; however, a certain degree of maturity and openness is expected. Sexual intercourse is not part of the workshop. It is important to create a harmonic group, which is why we reserve the right to turn anyone away if we feel for some reason he or she would not be able to support the harmony in the group.

The facilitators shared knowledge and massage techniques in an extremely professional, respectful and loving way. In addition to learning the technique, the workshop also gave me a pleasant feeling of being fulfilled, not only as myself, but also in the sense of being connected with others. It was as if we were a single being, breathing in the rhythm of creation. The strong energy that we created was delightful and creative. You could feel it in the room. The whole workshop was, in a sense, a three-day meditation session. It’s what I liked about it – everything flowed, everything was open and charged with energy.

You will learn:

  • tantra – history, philosophy and basic principles of this spiritual science,
  • tantric view of the sexual act and sexual energy,
  • practical exercises to strengthen sensuality, which is the foundation for feeling deep pleasure,
  • basic tantric massage technique,
  • appropriate psychophysical approach to massage,
  • healing points on the body,
  • anatomy and reflex points on and inside the genitals,
  • healing effects of tantric massage on the body, emotions and the mind,
  • G-spot – where it is located, what its purpose is and how to stimulate it,
  • do men also have a G-spot?
  • about male and female ejaculation.
  • for a short time men and women will separate and men speak about men issues (like premature ejaculation) and women about women issues (like listen to our bodies’ wisdom and discovering how to embrace our pleasure)

About the facilitators

The workshop is facilitated by Aleksander Lah and Rikahlia Godlonton-Shaw.

Aleksander has been a professional tantric massage therapist since 2015 and has been working with healing and massages since 1995. He shares his knowledge of sexual energy and its  effects on the body and spirit. He has discovered from first-hand experience that a person (in the therapist-client relationship or in a partner relationship) grows well in the state of pleasure, relaxation and trust and especially in the orgasmic state. He realized that something which might be painful and uncomfortable in the normal state can be felt as pleasure, comfort, and stimulation during tantric massage. Such conditions are much more favorable for healing and growth on both the physical and spiritual level.

Rikahlia has experienced first hand the profound healing effects of tantric practices. She is passionate about intertwining the tantric teachings with her studies of Yoga and Ayurveda with a creative, playful approach. Tantra, Yoga and Ayurveda have been called the ‘three sacred rivers’ as respectively they navigate us towards mastery of our energy, mind and body. Rikahlia has her expertise in womens health, especially around empowering women to connect to their nature, listen to their bodies and find freedom as this has been the theme of her own journey too. Men and women alike often carry traumas preventing them from reaching their fullest expression, Rikahlia teaches about embracing all aspects of being human, including difficult emotions or the aspects that have been shamed and cast out by society. She is motivated to share the ancient wisdom with those ready to be liberated, to support a collective healing in our understanding and enjoyment of self.

Videos about tantric massage


The workshop will take place from Friday, 24th. to Sunday, 26th June 2022, every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


A mountain resort in Pohorje, Slovenia.  (map)

If you are arriving from abroad, we invite you to discover Slovenia.


The workshop will be in English.



399 € per person. Couples (man-woman) get 5 % discount.

Price does not include accommodation and meals (117 € extra).

Discounts do not combine.

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More information and signing up at aleksander@HeartConnection.si… see you ☺


1) Why should I attend the workshop?

We will learn that touch, attention and gentleness are more powerful than we imagine. A client came for a session of tantric massage recently. She had a headache, she was cranky, felt sorry for herself and was hating herself… It was nice to observe how her strength and satisfaction slowly returned during tantric massage… Her headache disappeared and cheerfulness returned. All of this did not happen through straining, pain and suffering, but through relaxation, letting go, trusting her body, Life and the practitioner. Her attitude led to deep and healing orgasms. Although we do not understand all of our bodies’ secrets and do not know how our body works, we can bring ourselves and others back into balance and harmony using this kind of attitude.

2) Does the workshop include nudity and intimate touching?

Yes, the workshop includes nudity and intimate touching.

3) What if I have issues with nudity and intimate touching?

We spend a long time creating a safe space. The participants are usually able to relax and feel safe to a point where nudity no longer presents a challenge for them; however, every participant has the option to keep their intimate parts covered most of the time, which is why it is recommended that you bring a sarong or a robe to the workshop.

We expect all participants to maintain a respectful and open attitude towards nudity and intimate touching, but of course some embarrassment and awkwardness is to be expected. Although the environment will be as safe and supportive as possible, it is expected of everyone to decide for themselves if they are comfortable in such a learning environment and if they are ready to open up and face their limitations regarding nudity and their possibly overcritical image of their body. And if they are ready to see their body in the light of divine perfection, see themselves as a unique version of a god/goddess, which is sometimes concealed under issues, traumas and blockages.

4) Do I need to come with a partner or can I come alone?

Persons who do not have a partner to pair up with can also attend the workshop. There will be an equal number of men and women at the workshop. If a person signs up for the workshop without a partner, he or she will find a partner at the workshop.

5) Are the exercises done with the same partner throughout the workshop?

Paired up participants who wish to be together throughout the workshop can stay together, although it is recommended for the pairs to swap, so that everyone can learn about different body types, energies and locations of energy points.

6) What if I come to the workshop alone and do not like the partner with whom I am doing the exercises?

In this case, it is possible to express a wish to swap partners and we will try to accommodate you as much as possible. However, a certain amount of maturity and openness is expected to let life bring them new knowledge, even through a person they do not find a perfect match. At the workshop we will also learn about a tantric skill called transfiguration which helps us see through superficial expressions and personality of a person. It enables us to see the pleasant, divine and immortal part of a person.

7) Is the hall where the exercises take place warm?

Yes, it is a pleasantly warm environment so that we will all be able to relax and feel comfortable. For people who get cold quickly, it is recommended to bring something to cover themselves with (e.g. a light blanket), although it will be warm enough and we will not be cold, even without any clothes.

8) How many participants will be at this workshop?
This workshop is limited to 12 couples.

9) I plan to attend this workshop with my partner, will the facilitators be touching us?
We have high respect for the personal boundaries and if someone expresses that he/she does not want to be touched by anyone else than his/her partner then we respect this. If this is not expressed the facilitator might touch the participant in order to show the correct massage technique if not done correctly.

10) What should I bring along?

Participants should bring the following items to the workshop:

  1. a mat on which a person being massaged lies; a 15 mm mat is recommended (can be bought at Decathlon or Intersport);
  2. a sheet or two big beach towels. The sheet or the towels are laid over the mat;
  3. massage oil, at least 200 ml (organic almond oil is recommended, available at DM);
  4. paper towels (2 rolls) to wipe our hands, because we do not want to have greasy hands after the workshop;
  5. if you wish, you can also bring a pillow to put under your head (when you are being massaged) or under your backside (when you are giving a massage).

More information and signing up at aleksander@HeartConnection.si… see you ☺