Aleksander Lah decided to draw on resources outside of the confines of formal education as early as 1994, after having completed his degree at the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences. He began a lifelong exploration of alternative healing methods, a holistic approach to living, diets, outdoor pursuits, and discovering simple things that work. On this path of education, he mainly drew knowledge from his own experience and from the priceless help of teachers such as Michelangelo Chiecchi (organic veganism, foot reflexology techniques), Foster Perry (shamanism), Kristos Tsompanelis (Kabbalah), Ubaldo dos Santos (Capoeira), Sepp Holzer (permaculture), Phillis Krystal (psychotherapy), Marjan Korez (rebirthing, fire rituals, colon cleanse and astrology), dr. Eric Pearl (Reconnective Healing), Somananda Moses Maimon and Liisa Maimon, Davor Stančić, Lin Holmquist and Anna Maria Magdalena (Tantra, Tantric massage and healing with sexual energy).

Because he has been a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter for English since 1994, he has had easy access to teachers and knowledge. Organisers of various events have been regularly employing his services, due to his reputation as a quality interpreter famous for lively and enjoyable interpreting. Languages have been one of his passions for a long time; he especially enjoys connecting people (probably because he is an Aquarius with a strong Mercury). Today he is the owner of the Alamma translation agency which enables him to only take on interpretation jobs that he finds interesting and inspiring.

After many years of accumulating knowledge, he founded the Heart Connection organisation in 2011. He is now able to relay his knowledge through workshops, seminars, and private sessions called Heart Connection Healing.